Our team will consult with you and explain the options available for app creation – this cooperation will play a large part in determining the best approach to be used to create your app.

When building an app, one must choose between four major development approaches, each having a set of advantages and disadvantages to be discussed with each business owner:

Native Applications

These applications are developed using a programming language and hardware of a specific device and operating system.

Hybrid-Web Applications

These applications are a combination of elements from native and web applications. They are built with web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, or HTML5. This combo design allows the app to access and leverage native platform features that web apps would not otherwise be able to do.

Cross-Platform Applications

These applications are designed using any variety of program language. They are packaged to run on the specific device’s operating system but are compatible with any number of operating systems.

Progressive Web Applications

These applications are designed to be able to skip the traditional mobile app development process and the corresponding app stores. Instead, they run using a traditional browser.